What Happens in a Hair Transplant
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How Happens In Hair Transplant Surgery?
by: Barry McDonald

Here's a quick run through of a hair transplant surgery.

Firstly anesthesia is applied, before removing the donor tissue. Follicular units are then extracted from the tissue using a stereomicroscope.

This is all done by skilled nurses and technicians. The insertion of the hair into the receptor sites comes later.

Once the follicular units for the hair transplant are dissected out of the donor tissue, technicians set them aside in a saline solution. The temperature must be ideal or the small grafts will not survive the procedure. This is done very carefully in order to ensure a good result.

The surgeon will make tiny incisions into the scalp where the hair transplant grafts are to go. These are called the receptor sites. They are made with a very thin surgical needle.

The surgeon must have an eye for detail to properly set the receptor sites. He must also be very artistic to achieve a natural look, especially at the hairline.

The direction the hair grows, both on the front of the head and at the crown, are very important, too. The doctor must make the condition of the newly placed hair look like the patient's own natural scalp hair. The angle that the hair is put in determines how much it will stand up from the head.

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