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Waxing For Men.


More and more men are visiting salons for waxing regularly. They are having their Backs, Chest, Legs, Arms & Bikini areas waxed. They are even going for the male equivalent of the Brazilian, known as the Boyzilian.  It’s not gay guys waxing straight guys as well. Their wives and girlfriends prefer and smooth hairless body.


Once of the advantages of waxing is you dry faster once you get out of the shower.


Does waxing hurt?


Yes and no. The therapist skill has a large part to play in this. Also it depends on which areas are being waxed. Some therapist recommend when you start waxing going every three weeks to slow down the growth of hair. Each time you go it gets less and less painful. Hot wax is the key here such as PERRON RIGOT. Ask you salon/Therapist if they use it.


Do I need to prepare before I get waxed?


No, I guess it’s a good idea to ensure you are clean before you go.


What about afterwards?


This is where you will need to take note of the advice of your therapist. Immediately after it’s not recommended to take a hot show are apply deodorants etc. Common sense really, you have just had your hair pulled out. Ask about their advice to prevent in growing hairs. They will be able to recommend products to use.


What is a Boyzilian?


It’s the male version of the female Brazilian. Women  to love hairless men. So even say that men look bigger when they have had a Boyzilian.


Do all salons offer Boyzilians?


No! You will need to shop around. Some of the ones that do may want you to bring along your partner, if they don’t already know you.