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What is the difference between the different types of hair colour products?


Hair Dyes or hair colours fall a number of types: Temporary, Semi-permanent & Permanent.


They all have benefits and drawbacks. Your hairdresser/colourist will be able to advise which type will be right for you.


This article will take a brief look at the pros and cons of each type of hair colour and Dye.


Temporary hair colour and dye:

As the name suggests it’s only a temporary colour. The colour will only last until the next time you wash your hair. This could be a benefit if you want to change your hair colour to match an outfit for a day or two. Also it’s a great way to test a new hair colour without commitment. The advantage of the temporary hair colour is that it gives the hair a shine.



The disadvantages it only last one wash. You can only colour your hair darker. You cannot lighten your hair. This is because the hair dye only coats the hair. Effectively lying on top of the hair. Will not cover Grey/White hair.


Semi-Permanent Hair Colour.


The semi-permanent hair colour last for about 6-10 washes. Some brands make quote fewer or more washes. This is another way to test out a hair colour without along commitment. Also due to the fact that the colour fades out each time to wash your hair you don’t see the re growth or as some call it the roots. Also leave the hair with a shine.


The disadvantages are that you cannot lighten the hair. It will cover a percentage of grey/white hair.


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