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This site is owned and run by Gary Skinner.


I’ll aim to answers a few of the question that I have received about the site. Such as why have you built this site? Who are you?


Why create HealthHair&Beauty.com?


I think the most over whelming reason is how often someone selling me some form of advertising approaches me. I don’t think a week goes by without a call. When you cut to the chase and ask how much they charge it’s prohibitively too expensive. Just last week one such company wanted £100 per month. They always site that it only needs to bring in one job to pay for it. Yep, but that’s no profit for me. If they made it more affordable it would be worth a try.


That’s why you can get listed for free. Even if you upgrade your listing you’ll find the prices very reasonable. Prices start at less than 60p per week. There’s no pressure to upgrade. Feel free to take advantage of the free options.  Click here for more details


My background…


I stated my working life working in a shop before web sites had even been heard of. I then move on to become a Driving Instructor (Driving School now closed). That was when I first attempted at building a web site. There were very few Driving Instructors with web sites at that time. I knew at the point I had to be one of  first with a web site to get the edge and not be left behind.


I am not some geek. I knew that the Internet would grow. As a small business owner I would need to learn all that I could.


I also run another business related to the entertainment sector. Whenever I ordered promotional materials I found that no one was able to produce a brochure that reflected my business. The only way to get what I wanted was to do it myself. I am constantly asked to recommend the design company. You should see the surprise when I say that it was me. My web site for the entertainment business brings me lots of regular enquiries. I have managed to get on to the front page of most search engines.


So how have these roads so to speak lead to HealthHair&Beauty.com?


As well as the employment mentioned above, I have been involved with Internet marketing for a number of years. Essentially promoting affiliate marketing. If you are not familiar with affiliate systems I will explain. You get paid a percentage for recommending a company. Lots of big well-known companies use this system to generate sales.


As a result of this I have learnt extensively about using the Internet as a sales tool. I have picked up numerous tips to boost sales and leads on and offline.  


I also have been working with a new Health & Beauty Salon in Hertfordshire. The beta site is up and running. It’s already bringing in some good results. Plenty of the search terms bring the site on the front page of google.


I am often asked for advice to improve web sites and how to increase revenue from a web site. This is why I thought I would bring my skill to this sector to help small businesses owners.


If you add your company details to this site I can work on getting this site noticed. I will also be able to share with you via a newsletter some of the many tips to help you increase your business via the Internet.  


Thanks for stopping by