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Get your business noticed on the Internet. Write an article for Health Hair and Show yourself as an expert. May be you offer specialist treatments or can offer some advice useful to the public. For each article published on Health Hair & you get a link back to your web site and can include details of your business. The link back to your web site can improve your rating on search engine results.


Writing an article will work as a great advert for your business. The reader will view you or business as the expert and authority. We have all seen the experts on TV: Chefs, Hairdressers, Doctors, Builders etc. Because they are on TV the public perceive them to be the best in their field. You can tap into the same effect by writing articles.


Guide to writing articles for Health Hair and

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Paragraph 1 Description of service/treatment

Paragraph 2 Benefits of service/treatment plus you can add benefits of the system or methods you use. Try not to make this read as an advert. (You should refer to the methods you use in the last paragraph)      


Paragraph 3 (optional) Useful advice before Treatment/service etc

Paragraph 4 (optional) After care etc


Paragraph 5 your advert/signature

Example: written By Joe Smith of the Spa. Joe smith has 15 years experience in XXX. All our staff are fully trained in XXX. We are the only Salon offering XXX in this area. If you want to find out more please call Tel 01234 5678 or visit our web site or email


Above is a rough guide.


You can not use copyright material useless you have permission from the owner.

You may add photos if you believe this will enhance the article. Again you must have permission to use the image. (At the beginning of your article type “photo” I will contact you for a copy)


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