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Is Detox Diet workable?


Human beings are full of weakness. The majority of us are what we can termed as “followers”. We love to follow fads and for those who are overweight, they tend to follow the fad that can promote weight loss. One of these fad is the Detox diet plan. Whether this Detox diet plan actually works is hard to say. But from observations, people who followed this detox diet plan do lose some weight initially but later they also gain back all the “lost” weight.

What is the reason behind it? One reason can be that your body is so full of toxins that any weight control measure that you undertake seems to fall flat! You could have accumulated these toxins from any source, such as food, talcum powder, air, etc. While your body might have developed a healthy detoxification system to combat the general toxins, it looks like it cannot cope up with the synthetic chemicals that get inside through various means.

Not only adults’ bodies are full of toxins. Scientific studies had shown that even newborn babies have toxins in their bodies which has been inherited from their mothers. As such, scientists have claimed detox diet plans are unnecessary as they do not work the way they are suppose too.

The toxins within our bodies cause us to eat more than we should. And at the same time, our body ability to burn the extra calories effectively has diminished. The end results will be that all the excess calories will end up as fats deposited in our bodies. Therefore it will be wise to avoid processed foods like butter, cream and even some cheese as they have toxins in them which are harmful to us.

The best detox diet plan which you can follow is to just avoid foods which had been processed but go for foods that’re organically grown. Good examples of good foods are raw fruits, vegetables which can help a person lose weight quickly. Another good thing to do is to drink more water as water will assist our bodies to increase its metabolism rate. Do not take beer, Alcohol, soda & soft drinks. Abstain from foods like white flour & Sugar as well. These types of foods provides your body with nothing except “empty calories” which ultimately gets converted to fats in our bodies.

Also look for foods which contain complex carbs like potatoes. These are good for your health.

Take unsaturated fats like those which can be found in Tuna, Salmon etc. Avoid saturated fats which are present in Butter & cream which only makes a person fat. In conclusion I hope this version of the detox diet plan will be able to help you with quick weight loss