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Free Haircut and Cheap Hairstyles.


If you’re on a budget but still want to look great, it’s possible to get your hair style at a discount or even free.


Most local colleges need models for their students to practice on. You can volunteer to have your hair cut by one of the students. There are all sorts of services available. You can get your Hair cut, Coloured, Highlighted etc


Are you putting yourself at risk by letting a trainee on your hair?


No! The person cutting your hair could be fully qualified and just brushing up on the skills. If it’s a newbie they will likely be supervised.


It’s not just local colleges that need models, big brand names are always looking models. Many of the have their own academy’s in large cities.


What’s the downside?


The appointments will not always suite you.

You may not always be able to get booked in for what you want. Eg if that week they are learning about X and you want Y then you we have to waited.

You will get trainees of all different levels

You will not get to build a relationship with your stylist.

Expect to spend a lot longer in the salon. Each step of the style may need to inspected by the trainer. Put a side a morning or afternoon a side.


The upside is it’s not going to cost you much to get your hair styled.


Find out more at your local college. Check your local paper there are often ads for models wanted.